Security Systems » Maintenance Support

APRO views maintenance support services as an integral part of its core business. Every client and business deserves customised plans and solutions as well as up to date maintenance and upgrading of its current systems and technologies. As such, we provide maintenance support on two main levels. First, hardware maintenance support, whereby we provide hardware and system analysis to help clients repair system faults and to increase long term sustainability. We provide consultation pertaining to the application of security systems and how best to deploy them for maximum effectiveness.

By drawing on the expertise of trained professionals, APRO’s support team is well equipped to assist you in overcoming challenges, as well as to provide assistance on how to maintain and improve security standards for your business in the long run.

APRO has a long running history of providing quality maintenance service to many businesses that place a premium on security. Clients may not have systems installed by APRO, but so long as security is a priority, we are ready and willing to be of support. The depth and breadth of APRO's knowledge base allows us to offer you quality professionalism.


“Through the years, BMS and APRO have had a long standing partnership. Your staff has been instrumental in not only fulfilling their security duties but also act as important touch points for our customers.

This is a thank you note for providing par excellence security services to our various facilities…It is clear that the foundation of our relationship will hold steadfast through both good and bad times for many years to come. ”

Koh Chin Hong
Managing Director
Borneo Motors (S) Pte Ltd.