Monitoring Services » Overview of Monitoring Services

APRO provides comprehensive monitoring and response services for your business through the Alarm Monitoring Centre (AMC). The AMC is housed in our headquarters and built to DECAM standards. The AMC has multiple power back up systems, and maintains its own servers and phone line systems. As an additional security layer, the AMC is only accessible via a door trap system and is fully auditable with CCTV and phone call recording. The AMC provides round the clock protection and rapid response to all exigencies via our beat patrol units and engineering teams.

Some of our 24/7 services include:

Alarm Monitoring

  • Panic alarms
  • Burglar/intruder alarms
  • Arming and disarming
  • Line fault detection
  • Power failure
  • Air con failure
  • Door access

Rapid Response Units

In addition to monitoring your premises’ alarm signals, our APRO response officers provide a physical presence at the scene of an alarm activation to investigate any irregularities. APRO response officers will be the first port of call for securing your premises and only in the case of genuine alarms or upon clients’ requests will the police be activated. In the case of false alarms our response team acts as a keyholder on behalf of the client and leaves a report there at the site, eliminating hassle for the client and preventing needless involvement from the police. Even during silent hours, our clients have the option to utilise our ad-hoc response services as well. With a 24hr readiness, our APRO response team is a manifested reassurance of security.

Beat Patrol

Beat patrol officers will visit client premises at night with Electronic Guard Tour systems to conduct patrols of the premises. Combined with other security measures, the Beat Patrol allows customers to protect their premises without having a large static guard force on site at night. Our clients are kept up to date weekly with a comprehensive report of findings. In emergencies, they will be contacted at once without delay.

Virtual Patrol

APRO also provides Virtual Patrolling supported by the AMC. With this service, our clients and the AMC can now monitor the premises remotely and take proactive action. Live footage can be streamed online; in addition, real time information and updates can be accessed via the Internet. All footages are also recorded, enabling clients to view them at a convenient time by logging into the system. With our highly trained and experienced staff at the AMC facilitating this process, our clients can now experience Virtual Patrol with ease.


“Through the years, BMS and APRO have had a long standing partnership. Your staff has been instrumental in not only fulfilling their security duties but also act as important touch points for our customers.

This is a thank you note for providing par excellence security services to our various facilities…It is clear that the foundation of our relationship will hold steadfast through both good and bad times for many years to come. ”

Koh Chin Hong
Managing Director
Borneo Motors (S) Pte Ltd.