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We believe that empowerment through training puts our security personnel at a value-added advantage in the industry. We therefore provide various training opportunities at our subsidiary APRO Training Centre to facilitate our staffs’ aspirations, allowing them to keep abreast with the latest developments in the security industry. The APRO Training Centre is recognised by WDA as an Approved Training Organization (ATO) and staffed by qualified trainers. The APRO Training Centre is also a Program Manager for WSQ Security Training, offering a Certificate in Security Operations (6 modules) and a Diploma in Security Management (8 modules). As a WSQ approved training organization, our aim is to empower trainees to learn more and think better.

Going Beyond Expectations

We seek to ensure that our staff meets the relevant criteria for deployment in their respective vocations. According to the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA), security officers are eligible to be deployed when they satisfy certain criteria specified by SPF. For more information on this, please visit:

APRO is not merely satisfied to deploy ‘eligible’ security personnel at our customer’s premises; we seek to go beyond common standards and minimum expectations.

As such, we consistently demand higher standards from our guarding personnel. For example, APRO continues to send “exempted” personnel for basic security training. This tradition dates as far back as 1985, when APRO was already providing up to 80 hours of training per guard, even prior to the training requirement being made mandatory. In fact, to have attended an APRO training program in the 1990s qualifies as an exemption criteria (see above) for deployment as a security officer.

On-the-job Training

Additionally, a minimum period of on-the-job training is also mandatory for new personnel deployed at any of APRO’s assignments (regardless of customer’s requirements), as we believe that this is essential for the officer to carry out his/her duties effectively and seamlessly.


“Through the years, BMS and APRO have had a long standing partnership. Your staff has been instrumental in not only fulfilling their security duties but also act as important touch points for our customers.

This is a thank you note for providing par excellence security services to our various facilities…It is clear that the foundation of our relationship will hold steadfast through both good and bad times for many years to come. ”

Koh Chin Hong
Managing Director
Borneo Motors (S) Pte Ltd.