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Overview of Manpower Services

APRO aspires to become the preferred security service partner to organisations who consider security as a critical component to their business. As a leading unarmed guarding service provider in Singapore and a preferred employer for many security professionals, APRO is well placed to achieve our vision to be the first choice for security personnel in various industries. If security and the quality of service delivery are important to you, make APRO your choice.

Our Philosophy

To provide customers with the best possible security solution by employing competent and committed personnel; by using technology to enhance security and to ensure that relevant processes are in place.

We believe that security is more than just guards. Central to a credible security solution must be the ability to have many intelligent security systems and ideas with a team of competent and motivated people.

Graded ‘A’ from Day One

The Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD) of the Singapore Police Force awards an ‘A’ grade to security companies that comply with more than 80% of the specified regulatory standards. APRO has always been graded ‘A’ from the inception of grading from SIRD.

Going Beyond Grade ‘A’

But APRO goes beyond SIRD requirements to ensure customers get a competent, committed and motivated security team. APRO only employs full time personnel (100%) to manage deployment effectively. We operate a computerized manpower planning and scheduling system. By the third quarter of 2010, the system will be enhanced to receive time and attendance guard tour reports and video on real time for every APRO assignment.

Our Customers

APRO’s list of clients includes organisations that are not only leaders in their respective industries, but regional and world players as well. Some of these businesses include banking, information technology, wafer fabrication, telecommunications, oil & gas, logistics, petrochemicals, education, property management and multinational social clubs. Other than our clients in private sectors, APRO also provides security solutions for statutory boards and embassies.

Although our clients’ businesses may appear varied and unrelated, they all have one common objective in engaging APRO – To have a trustworthy partner who can truly provide a reliable security solution, giving them that peace of mind to focus on their businesses!

Our Security Staff

APRO’s security staff consists of individuals from various backgrounds such as the uniform groups, retail, logistics and hospitality industries. Besides wanting to develop a meaningful career for themselves, they also wish to have the opportunity to grow with the company, and be proud working for an organisation that values its people.

With this in mind, APRO endeavours to meet the expectations of our security officers through these means: to be fair in the treatment of our staff; to be empathetic and to provide the best possible conditions for our officers to work with pride and dedication.

Consultancy Services

Other than providing security expertise in the field, APRO also offers consultancy services to our clients. We conduct security audit services for customers to ensure that their current security measures meet business requirements. This security audit seeks to make a thorough evaluation of the current security conditions and subsequently recommends relevant solutions to remedy present weaknesses. Outdated or redundant security systems can be replaced with new security plans and specialised solutions that best meet the present demands of the firm.


“Through the years, BMS and APRO have had a long standing partnership. Your staff has been instrumental in not only fulfilling their security duties but also act as important touch points for our customers.

This is a thank you note for providing par excellence security services to our various facilities…It is clear that the foundation of our relationship will hold steadfast through both good and bad times for many years to come. ”

Koh Chin Hong
Managing Director
Borneo Motors (S) Pte Ltd.