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Numerous individuals have since joined APRO and enjoyed a series of breakthroughs and advancements in their careers. There is a common theme found in each one of their stories; in that this is surely not an ordinary and static career.


“I joined APRO in 1995 as a protection officer and was deployed to work at a Dormitory environment. ... I was given the same opportunity that every staff in APRO is given in that I was sent for courses and also given proper guidance by my superiors. This allowed me to grow with the company and I was promoted through the ranks from a Protection Officer onwards to my current position as an OE in the year 2002. I have found my work to be very fulfilling and challenging, as it has given me an opportunity to grow and test my boundaries.... I am very proud to be associated with a company that allows every employee the same opportunity to grow as long as they show that they are capable of taking on added responsibilities.”

– Mr Allan Wong. Joined since 1995.

Good Prospects

“I like to work for APRO because of the good prospects and benefits that APRO provides me”

– Mr Toh Seah Chew, Asst Supervisor. Joined since 2007.

Ample Career Advancement Opportunities!

“I was given opportunities to advance my career and to grow myself professionally. APRO has always been transparent to us, and we always get our pay on the dot. Our OEs also treat us very well; we are like a big family.”

– Mr Poh Boon Soon, Supervisor. Joined since 2006.

A Great Working Environment...

“I won’t hesitate to recommend APRO to my friends. And APRO never forces me to do shift duties that I am unable to do.”

– Mr Mohd Harris, Protection Officer. Joined since 2007.

“I am proud to work for APRO. Not only do they talk about people being assets to the company, they practice it.”

– Mr Ben Foo, Supervisor. Joined since 2006.

Be Part of Our Family Today!


“I would like to personally thank you for all the excellent assistance your organization has provided us.

As you know, Northland has worked with APRO for over three years to deploy physical security systems on behalf of our global enterprise customers headquartered in the Silicon Valley, USA. The APRO team has demonstrated extraordinary customer service on top of their excellent technical competence in a cost-effective manner, no matter how small or large the request. It gives us great comfort to know a dedicated systems integrator such as APRO is there to support us for all our Singapore projects.”

Pierre Trapanese
President & CEO