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Join APRO today for an adventurous and exciting career with us!

We’re looking for driven individuals who are interested in a career that is on the E.D.G.E and never dull. At APRO, you can expect to:
  • Expand your prospects,
  • Develop your potential,
  • Grow your skills and
  • Encounter new experiences.


An attractive salary package awaits you:

  • Full CPF
  • AWS
  • Performance Bonus
  • Personal Insurance
  • Union of Security Employees membership

Positions Available:

If you wish to be a part of the APRO Family, why not call us for a chat to find out what is available for you?

  • Chief Security Officers
    (Minimum salary based on 6 days, 12 hours shift: $2,250.00)
  • Security Supervisors
    (Minimum salary based on 6 days, 12 hours shift: $1,900.00)
  • Protection Officers
    (Minimum salary based on 6 days, 12 hours shift: $1,600.00)
  • Controllers (Alarm Monitoring Centre)
    (Minimum salary based on 5 days, 12 hours shift: $1,580.00)

APRO is a Place Where You Can Grow

In APRO, you will never find your career to be static. With a promotion policy that makes for an ever-growing career, advancement opportunities are not lacking in APRO. With a good working attitude and an aptitude for managing people, one would certainly go far in APRO.

All our security officers stand a chance to take on greater responsibilities within the company upon assessment. Many of our staff who were once deployed at sites as Protection Officers or Supervisors have since progressed to fill a number of senior positions within the APRO organisational structure.

To illustrate, more than 90% of our senior positions are filled by personnel who had risen through the ranks. In fact, all our Operations Executives were at some point in their careers deployed as Protection Officers or Supervisors. With such career advancement opportunities available, it is no wonder that APRO is the preferred employer in the security industry.


I derive great pleasure in informing you that APRO’s CCTV systems team has indeed displayed great professionalism in their dealings with us. Their product knowledge and competency is excellent and their follow-up on issues has always been prompt.”

Abdul Rahman
Senior Executive
Operations CapitaLand Retail Management Pte Ltd