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Since 1985, APRO has been providing customised security solutions to market leaders in their respective industries. APRO’s value add as a professional services provider is to deliver on customer requirements based on the intelligent integration of manpower and technology. At APRO, customers do not get various off-the-shelf products but rather they receive a solution delivered by APRO. This solution allows customers to focus on their core business without having to worry about security.

APRO is also a premier hub of security manpower that prides itself on constant workforce training and development through skills upgrading and courses, giving APRO an edge in the industry.

Some of our distinguished clients include ExxonMobil, Borneo Motors, Oracle, British America Tobacco, Micron, French Embassy, DHL and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

The APRO Promise

“Delivering outstanding customer experience was our No. 1 goal when we started business 25 years ago.
It is still our No. 1 goal today.”
– Lee Hock Guan, Managing Director

To deliver an outstanding customer experience from start to finish.

Track Record of Reliability and Excellence

APRO has a proven track record of reliability and excellence. As holder of the ISO Cert 9001 qualification, APRO has also clinched the following awards:

  • Graded ‘A’ Company (SIRD) – 2006/2007/2008/2009
  • Truth in Service Excellence Award (SAS) – 2005/2008
  • Security Agency of the Year (SAS) – 2003
  • Awarded Superbrands – 2004/2005


“Our work was unique, combining two actual office move phases between three separate Singapore address locations; using both specific HDS’ corporate security standard brand technology and APRO TECHNOLOGY locally recommended additions; all managed between two continents and corresponding time zones within a 90-day period.

While this review of our recent efforts may seem impressive, this comment does not express the many specific details that were managed so well and with such a sense of ownership and service by the APRO TECHNOLOGY team... as your customer, it is with gratitude that I offer our THANKS to APRO TECHNOLOGY’s extra, but nonetheless routine effort, offered in service to us.

We welcome the opportunity to use this initial starting phase of our partnership to build a much longer relationship with APRO TECHNOLOGY providing further careful service to our new Singapore office and its physical security systems."

Fred Morrison
Senior Manager, Security Operations & Administration
Global Protective Services, Hitachi Data Systems